“How wonderful would it be to concentrate on Marketing 100%?”


You have to spend money on technology, but you don’t have to spend time.

We take care of everything from vendor vetting to process, from tracking to reporting, using our best practices from building the digital ecosystems and data management for some of the world’s best Direct-to-Consumer brands.

This way you get to focus on your customer. develop insights, and create brilliant messaging that works across all your channels.

Valence Marketing Infrastructure helps you focus your energies around the things you do really well and focus your efforts on the customers/prospects most likely to respond. .

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"Based on my experience with Ed at both L'Oreal and News Corp,  I would trust his Marketing Technology insights completely. He knows what it takes to grow businesses and improve process efficiency." 
Emmanuel Miran, Chief Technology Officer, Mondelez International



Each platform within the system has to work hard for your business, but it also needs to work with the other platforms. Making sense of confusing product claims and ensuring a holistic view makes Marketing Infrastructure audit one of the best things you can do for your business.

Core Competencies



More than just delivering a consulting powerpoint deck, we are committed to making your infrastructure work. We collaborate with your IT or can bring in our own groups to ensure the technology shares data across platforms.


Data Management

Well built Marketing Infrastructure will create an incredible amount of valuable first-party data. You will get an unmatched view of your customers. But it also can be overwhelming. Our Data Scientists create customized dashboards and “test and learn” opportunities so you can focus your resources for your highest value customers.