Paul Jones
VP, Global Digital Marketing


“I have worked with Ed in a number of different companies. His insights and knowledge have helped me grow the brands I’ve been responsible for. It is an amazing opportunity for smaller brands to get this level of expertise. Call Valence MI. Call them soon.”

Brian Catalano
VP, Digital Innovation


“Smart and totally service oriented, Ed is a fountain of ideas and deep digital experience. The idea of looking at MarTech as a holistic effort helps break down those silos that get in the way of solid decision making. They ask good questions and can deliver on the answers.”

Gregarious Narain
Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Strategist


“Today’s competitive advantage is in first-party data, and even small companies need to have a holistic approach to their digital ecosystem to make that pay off. Valence offers exactly what I recommend to all the companies in my incubator.”

Andrea Treadeau
Digital Analytics & Optimization


“Allison’s expertise and passion around the digital customer is contagious; driving business value and setting analytic-excitement in those fortunate to work with her.”

Sharon Gallacher
Head of Global Multichannel Strategy


“Allison possesses that rare quality of translating digital concepts into understandable business ideas with no loss of quality.“

Denise Brosseau



“Allison has the ability to see around corners.”